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that_therapist's Journal

Aspiring therapist, because I don't seem to have any other talent besides been a good listener. Well, that's what my friends say. I'm here to keep an eye on trans* communities, because I think I'd like to become a therapist who actually understands transgender issues, and not the the kind of one who will just go "You are totally nuts!" One of my friends is trans, and says I could do very well at it. Hello, if you're reading this, now get back to work! BTW, I'm not trans. Finally going to college in a few weeks after wasting more years than I should've actively avoiding it. Hoping the psychology people will let me stay for the four years. If not, I could be seriously fucked.

Am I allowed to swear on this thing?

Have spent more time than necessary sitting in cinemas. Grew up watching all the Star Trek TV shows, and that the hole that left was filled by Doctor Who. Has become slightly too obsessed with Loki since The Avengers for a guy in his mid 20s. Am also one of those people who strongly believes that Hermione should have ended up with Harry, and not that other guy. James Cameron is a menace to western civilisation thanks to his Blue Movie of 2009.

Feel free to send me a friend thingy, but be sure to say hello!

I don't know why I like the Internet so much. It seriously fucks me over sometimes, and doesn't even realise it. *sigh*

AND LOOK! I even win shit sometimes. Thank you very much persnickett ! :D


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